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'Chika Chika' Review - New Wave Cutting Edge

Key Features

When it comes to trimming plants it is always good to have the best tools available. The new ‘Chika Chika’ range fills that requirement perfectly. ‘Chika Chika’ shears get the job done easily and quickly with no fuss. Exactly what I want.
These high-quality shears feature razor sharp stainless steel blades. The sharper the blade the better as this means less manual force is required. The steel will do the hard work for you, producing a clean cut with less effort.


Japanese blades have long been held in high regard as being superior in both their craftsmanship and performance. Using steel with a high carbon content forges stronger, sharper blades with different profiles and blade thicknesses with variable amounts of Grind. ‘Chika Chika’ have taken inspiration from the top quality and artistry of Japanese blade-smithing to create the very best in performance, comfort and style.


The ‘Chika Chika’ range offer a choice of 3 styles of shears for your customers, so there is something for everyone and every budget. There is the standard “straight edge” style and the more ergonomic “curved micro blade” model. Finally there is the “premium” shears (New Wave) which feature a bigger handle for enhanced control and an ultra sharp blade with a fine tip for ultimate trimming accuracy.

Top Tip

All ‘Chika Chika’ pruning shears are coated with a very light preservative oil to protect and enhance the longevity of the blade. Be sure to inform your customers of this and advise them to wipe their shears clean with a soft dry cloth before first use to avoid transfer of oil traces.

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