The Breathable Pot For Strong Roots

The Breathable Pot For Strong Roots

The Breathable Pot for Strong Roots

A fantastic alternative for any grow. Unlike more traditional ceramic or plastic plant pots, the RhizoPot has a breathable wall that promotes a method of ‘air-pruning’. This means that when the root meets the breathable wall, it dries out with its exposure to the air, promoting secondary root growth that builds in the centre of the plant. 

Beat Root-Cirling

Make struggles with weak roots a thing of the past. When you grow your plants in a pot with a hard surface, ceramic for instance, you create roots that circle the edge of the pot. This is because as the roots grow they push against the hard edge and are forced to find space around this edge. As your roots develop they grow in this circle pattern leaving huge unused spaces where they aren’t taking up any water or nutrients from the growing medium - dead space. 

RhizoPots have a breathable fabric wall that exposes roots to the air, drying them out and essentially pruning them. This means that roots then create secondary growths from the primary taking up the dead space. With this centralised root structure your plants are then able to take more nutrients and water from the growing medium. This gives you healthier and stronger plants, less likely to be afflicted by disease and with bigger and better yields.

Versatile Potting Solution

With over eleven sizes to choose from there is a RhizoPot for every stage and every size of your plants. It’s also easy to transfer your grow from pot to pot so that you can utilise the unique air-pruning technology throughout all of your plant’s life stages.

Why RhizoPot?

We think it makes so much sense to give your plant’s roots the best possible start, here’s some great reasons to try the RhizoPot;

  •  Rhizopot unique ‘air pruning’ technology.
  •  Denser and stronger roots - promotion of secondary growth.
  •  Huge increases in water and nutrient uptake.
  •  Reusable and biodegradable - great for the environment and your budget.
  •  Stronger plants with a faster growing time. 
  •  Suitable for all media types.
  •  Fantastic range of sizes from 1L - 78L.

RhizoPot and You

Along with its versatility for roots and root structure, RhizoPot works with a variety of growing media. The whole range of RhizoPots are a fantastic addition to any grow setup and will really give your roots the advantage, building a solid network to maximise water and nutrient intake.

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