Light The Way With This Energy Efficient Industry Leader

Light the Way With This Energy Efficient Industry Leader

Omega Lighting have paved the way with a fantastically efficient grow light. The Omega Clone LED Twin Grow Light is 60% more efficient than your standard industry fluorescent light.

It is a cost-effective and long lasting option for any grow space or setup. 

54,000 hour Lifespan

The Clone LED is the perfect replacement for the T5 industry fluorescent grow light, rated with a 54,000 hour lifespan and fully waterproof. Making it the perfect addition to your setup. 

How Does it Work In Your Grow Setup?

Most effective when placed at 8 - 12 inches above the canopy to provide the proper PPF. Each strip should be placed 10-12 inches apart to take full advantage of the 120° angle of coverage.

You can daisy chain up to 100 strips, meaning that this light is the perfect solution for grow spaces big and small. You don’t have to worry about constantly changing the bulbs either as the Clone LED gives you a great lifespan. 

Use the Clone LED to make sure that you are supplying the necessary light spectrums to your cuttings to make sure that they take root. The use of the Clone LED gives you a greater chance of getting your cuttings to develop into independent plants in their own right.

Product Specs: 18W Omega Clone LED

Input Power: 18W

Efficiency: 2 µmol/J

PPF: 36µmol/s

Input Voltage Autosensing: 100–277V (auto sensor)

Mounting Height: 8–12"

Lifetime: ‹54,000hrs

Beam Angle: 120°

Chip: Samsung Diodes

Setup: Daisy chain up to 100 strips on a 20 amp circuit

Get More Out of Your Grow

Utilising the 18W Clone LED you too can get the very best out of your cuttings and seedlings!  Order yours now, get in touch with your local representative or call us at the Eden Sales Office.

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