Holly’s Highlights

Holly’s Highlights

What better time to get your hands dirty? Summer is perfect for getting outdoors and finding out what really works for your plants.  So, here’s rep Holly with our three bestselling soils in media:


Plagron All Mix

Plagron All Mix, a high-quality selection of the finest types of peat. A mixture of various types of fibre and perlite which result in a lightness and quality oxygen level.


Cyco Coco Pearl

mixture of Coco Coir (70%) and Perlite (30%). The combination of the two products gives a superior blend for serious growers.


Atami Cocos Substrate

light mix, this offers an open structure that promotes quick root development. A high-quality coco substrate that is both washed and steamed to make sure it is free from salt and pathogens.

Orders can be made by the bag or the pallet. Find Holly’s promo code in our August newsletter for 10% off your own garden grabs.

If you want Holly to drop by your store, email her at holly@eden-horticulture.com

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