Eden's September Newsletter

Eden's September Newsletter

Our Summer Bonanza may have been and gone, but there's another month of savings on offer. Find a copy of our latest newsletter to see what’s new for September:


New for September

  • SpinPro Trimmer and Blades: New on our website is the SpinPro Trimmer, which removes excess leaves 20 times faster than scissors.
  • MDF Contactor Boards: Use the code CONTACT-10 for 10% off our new MDF Contactor Timer and Heater boards. Manage up to 26 plug sockets in one easy space.
  • Plagron Double Bubble Nutrient Giveaway: buy 10L, get 10L free on any of the Plagron nutrients listed. Available to mix and match, or stock up on your favourites until October 1st.
  • 10% off Can Lite Carbon Filters: Save on any of our Can Lite Australian Activated Carbon filters - no code needed.


Our newsletter has a wide range of brand new, high-quality hydroponic supplies - so make sure to get your hands on a copy for all the new products and deals.


Carl’s Corner

This month, Carl is showing off the new Aqualine pH and EC Sticks. We don’t want to talk about winter just yet, but as the days cool down it’s vital to ensure your plants are getting everything they need. 

These sticks use an easy-to-read LED display to measure the levels of acidity and the volume of nutrients within a hydroponic solution. Providing results in seconds, they’re like an instant health check for your plants - and are small enough to keep on hand. 

Carl is also offering 15% off all Aqualine sticks in the newsletter. But you’ll have to read it for the promo code...


Snap, Tag & Win

Well done to Aber Hydro! You’re the August winners of Snap, Tag & Win, and the proud new owners of £500 of Vortex Products. 

Up for grabs this month is a free Omega Luna LED, so you will not want to miss out. Just post a photo of your Omega products in store and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @edenhorticulture. We’ll randomly choose our lucky winner. 


Eden News

Want to inform your customers about the different types of ballasts on the market? Or just fancy some new decoration? We’re still offering free Omega POS for display in any store; the board provides information on three of our Omega products and has a free ballast attached. Get in touch with our sales team or your local rep for more information. 

As always, we love to hear from you. Leave us a Google review and receive 5% off your next order.

Looking for more information on our offers? Contact your local rep, or follow us Eden on Instagram or Facebook @edenhorticulture. Subscribe to our WhatsApp messages, too, to be the first to hear from us.

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