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Twister Cure Puck
Twister Batchone Go
Twister T6 - Standard Tumbler Assembly 32 Slot
Twister T4 - White Filter Bag 80 Mesh 300 Micron
Twister T4 - Lever Black 1/4-20 x 1 x -5/8 Handle & Nut
Twister T4 - Drive Belt
Twister T4 - Hopper Full Assembly
Twister T4 - Nitrided Helix Blade Reel w/nuts
Twister T6 - Drive Belt
Twister T4 Standard Packaged Tumbler 40 Slot
Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer
Twister Trimmer T6
Twister Trimmer T2
Twister Trimmer T4
Twister Trimmer Conveyor


Twister Trimmer

Trim your plants while at the same time trimming your cost by using the ideal equipment. Move on from the conventional and tedious way of trimming your plants and invest in a newer system that can give you more convenience and efficiency to meet the market's demands.

Twister Trimmer is a revolutionary product that can help professional plant producers have a seamless and less tiresome trimming and production.

About Twister Trimmer

Twister Trimmer has a wide range of consumers from Humboldt to Hamilton and across the world. There are plenty of professional farmers and producers that solely rely on Twister for all their trimming and production needs.

This brand has established a name for its safe, reliable, and efficient trimming and production tools. Whether it's for small home-grow trimmers or for elite solutions that require 600 pounds per hour, Twister is your best solution. It makes trimming effortless and easy.

Being part of the industry for over ten years makes Twister a reliable brand. It is continuously creating innovative products that are the results of consumers' feedback. The brand doesn't settle for what they already have. But is always on the lookout for what more can be done to improve trimming.

The brand's design is always spot on, and the engineering is superb. It is an investment that every plant farmer can benefit from for years to come. Like the number of years that the brand is operating, any Twister equipment is equivalent to a decade of service and reliable performance.

One of the prides of the brand is being able to provide 24/7 customer care support to its consumers. As a consumer, this is important, and Twister has got everyone covered and sustained.

Twister Trimmer Products

With so many products under the Twister catalog, each would make every farmer's trimming and production system more accessible and less hassle-free. It can help farmers meet the market demands without having to break back and have profit compromised. Here are just some of the Twister products that can be added to your inventory:

Twister T-Zero

This award-winning and the most significant industrial trimmer in the market is known for its adaptability and is built for huge returns. It boasts a throughput of more than 600 pounds per hour, so farmers can enjoy lower costs and downtime plummet while profitability and productivity soar to greater heights.

Twister T2

A favorite among the brand's commercial trimmer, it can trim up to 19 pounds per hour dry and 85 pounds per hour wet. This is ideal for farmers who are working with medium-to-large scale operations. 

Twister T4

Highly recommended for mid-size operations, this convenient and portable package has the power to trim up to 70 pounds per hour.

Twister Trimmer stands out because it stands firm with its mantra of how trimming sucks. It provides a break to the farmers who need to do the manual hand-trimming, which is time-consuming, exhausting, and of varying degrees of quality. Twister resolved these challenges and more.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Twister Trimmer

Trimming can positively influence anybody’s harvest production. All sides of the business are impacted, from the engineering up to quality control. Twister is a must-have because it will take the plant industry to a whole new level.

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