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Root Nurse Black Pot
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Root Nurse Square Pot
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Root Nurse Ice Pot
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Root Nurse Dump Bin
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Root Nurse

Root Nurse has grown in popularity among UK hydroponics growers and indoor/outdoor gardeners who are looking for an alternative to conventional pots. It is one of the leaders in the hydroponics industry in terms of fabric containers.

About Root Nurse

Root Nurse offers an alternative in pots for its innovative fabric pots, which are said to be better than conventional pots. It is catering to hydroponics growers and indoor/outdoor farmers looking for eco-friendly pots.

The products they offer are tried and tested, ensuring they can offer a durable structure that is also supportive for healthy plant growth and development. They are lightweight in build and simplistic in design.

The brand continuously commits to become a reliable brand for farmers and growers for their high quality pots and other products.

Root Nurse Products

Their most popular products are in varying pot styles, including the Original, Square and Ice White Pots. They are environmentally-friendly, lightweight, and durable and are available in different sizes.

Root Nurse Original is a quality plant pot made using top technology to come up with the best product design and structure.

Root Nurse Ice White, on the other hand, are fabric pots chosen for their light reflecting property suitable for a hydroponic setup. It can also aid in keeping a lower root zone temperature.

Root Nurse Square comes with bamboo holders positioned in every corner, adding more strength and durability.

What makes these products unique and highly beneficial is their superior aeration and drainage abilities. They work by air pruning the roots of the plants. They make for efficient and strong root systems, while reducing root circling common in traditional pots.

Eden Horticulture and Root Nurse

For lightweight, eco-friendly, and biodegradable hydroponic plant pots, choose only Root Nurse. Eden Horticulture offers these amazing products for hydroponics wholesale and distribution.

Our hydroponics distribution centre offers them at the best deals. For growers who want to be a stockist of hydroponic supplies and hydroponics equipment, contact us or open an account to apply today!