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Omega Eurowing Reflectors
Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps
Omega 315W Lamp Adapter Px-E40
Omega Cfl Lamp Hanger 4m
Omega 5m IEC Extension Lead
3m IEC Extension Lead
Omega Kettle Lead With UK Plug
Omega Metal Halide Lamps
Omega Super Hps Lamp
Omega Kettle Lead With EU Plug

Omega Lighting

This brand is known in the hydroponics industry to design and manufacture high quality special lighting products with the latest industry technology created with the growers in mind. It has been using its knowledge and experience to supply hydroponics wholesale and distribution companies with quality and efficient lights.

Omega Lighting Products

Omega designs and manufactures ballasts, grow bulbs, CFL lamps, and other lighting kit solutions. However, it is unlike others because it specialises in grow lights and designs its products with indoor farmers in mind.
Eden Horticulture hydroponics wholesale and distribution centre carries different Omega products. One is the Dual Spectrum lamp that uses an advanced technology. It has two ceramic tubes engineered to optimise the light’s output.
The Omega Metal Halide Lamps feature a blue spectrum required during the plant’s vegetative stage. It can help in the flowering of short dense plants instead of stretched ones.
Omega T5 is ideal for the hobby grower. It can offer just the right lighting spectrum needed for propagation and during the vegetative growth’s early stages.
The Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G220 is a lightweight LED and full spectrum fixture that can be used as a supplementary or independent lighting source.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution of Omega Lighting Solutions

Our hydroponics wholesale centre is happy and proud to offer Omega to all growers who want to get the most of their hydroponics system. Eden Horticulture believes in this brand that is one of the most known in the hydroponics industry. It manufactures quality and efficient lights, ballasts, and other lighting products for every grower.

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