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Magical Butter

MagicalButter is one of the most magical machines that allow growers, foodies, and chefs to create infused oils, herbal butters, and tinctures. With it, they can prepare sauces, soups, topicals, dressings, and salves - and more - in just one unit.

About the Magical Butter Extraction Machine

UK hydroponics growers who want more from their planting endeavour and hobby try different culinary creations using herbs and plants with the Magical Butter.

It is an innovative product for growers that want to create awesome recipes using herbs.

It is the first in the world of botanical extraction machines with a compact design.

The Magical Butter allows users to create different infusions seamlessly, effortlessly, and consistently right in the comfort of their homes. This countertop machine lets them infuse different essences into tinctures, oil, and butter, and so many more! 

It works more seamlessly than a crock pot or a double boiler because the latter leave a lot of things to chance, including stirring frequency and cooking extraction methods.  It also doesn’t give users an idea on the appropriate temperature for a specific recipe.

The Magical Butter is not like that.  This machine is engineered for infusing oils and butter specifically – and all without much labour. Provided the instructions are followed, users can always come up with the desired results.

The MagicalButter works easily and quickly to produce amazing edibles. It can heat up to the right temperature for its microprocessor.

It can also mix grinds, stirs, and herb essence extracts to help users come up with an infused tincture, butter, or oil.  They are the base recipes that let users cook different edibles at home.

It can help in reducing kitchen labour and eliminates hot stove use. That is why people do not have to worry about the mixture being burned or when to stir it. All they need to do is to combine the herbs with tincture or butter and then hit two buttons. That is about it.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution on MagicalButter

Professional chefs, foodies, herbal therapy patients, caterers, and anyone who loves herbal cooking can also use the Magical Butter machine.

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