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Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets
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Jiffy Grow Blocks
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Jiffy Cell Trays
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Jiffy-7C Coco Coir Plug
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Jiffy Giant Propagator
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Experienced and leisure gardeners know the importance of a balanced and well-aerated growing media to ensure optimum plant growth. The tender roots of newly grown seedlings need a sufficient and well-balanced ratio of air and water to thrive and flourish. Numerous brands claim to do the best for plants, but one of the most trusted companies with proven efficiency and performance is Jiffy.

About Jiffy

Years of experience and thorough research make it a reliable and trusted name in the professional horticulture and farming industry. A Jiffy pot started it all in the early 1950s.

Since then, it has only grown and brought more reliable planting mediums for our growers' satisfaction. The company does its best to give the consumers a growing media that supports plants' growth and development.

It strives to offer only the highest quality of products, along with the best service to its customers. The company provides a full range of products that are suitable for professionals as well as leisure growers to use.

Their products are made only from the safest and all-natural products ideal for organic farming. Their most valuable resource is peat recognized for its efficiency and reliability in growing healthier and high-yielding plants without fail.

It has partnered up with reliable hydroponics wholesalers and distributors to have their products readily available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and Spain.

It comes in with informative packaging, so the users continue to learn how to grow and care for a garden properly using Jiffy products the right way. With years of experience and tested effects, growers worldwide continue to grow their plants using Jiffy products.

Jiffy Products

As a trusted hydroponics distributor, Eden Horticulture offers three of the best Jiffy products in cultivating plants. These products provide the ideal growing environment and condition for plants to grow and thrive at all times with balanced nutrients, air, and water supply for plant uptake.

Jiffy Giant Propagators

These are customized solutions providing your plants with the ideal lighting, nutrients, and aeration to grow. It is made from high-quality plastics with translucent lids making it possible to capture just the right amount of sunlight. The integrated vent flaps ensure proper ventilation for your crops.

Jiffy Coco Coir Plug

Coco fibers are one of the most preferred growing media today. Jiffy saw it fit to develop a product like a coco coir plug to start the seeds and rooting cuttings. Jiffy coco products are well-sourced and organic for plants to grow safely and happily.

Jiffy Peat Pellets

Jiffy Peat Pellets are made from the highest quality sterilised peat for reliable and fast germination. Consistently add water, and you will see your seedlings soon enough.

Jiffy and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution

Eden Horticulture values more than anything their customer's satisfaction and shares the view that growers deserve only the best products for their plants. That is why Eden Horticulture only brings the highest quality brands with reliable products on the table, such as Jiffy to help growers’ lives easier.

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