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Enzymes can do wonders for plant cultivation. Acting as a catalyst, they speed up biochemical processes. In plants, this usually focuses on breaking down old root mass, allowing the roots to grow and absorb all the nutrients efficiently.

Among the most trusted brand of enzyme-based products on the market is Hygrozyme. Talking about reliability and performance in hydroponics distribution, a grower could not pass up such a product.

About Hygrozyme

It is a well-known company that a lot of hydroponics enthusiasts prefer. It has become one of the leading brands in North America, producing a genuine innovation of enzyme formula for horticultural purposes. That is why it is also a favorite among reliable hydroponics wholesale companies and names.

Hygrozyme commits its resources to provide growers with the perfect blend of solutions helping plants reach their full genetic potential.

With years of experience and research by experts in the field, they have come up with the perfect formula rich in enzymes whose primary purpose is to provide plants with a cleaner root zone. It makes sure that nothing hinders the plants throughout their growth and development.

Speaking of quality, Hygrozyme makes sure that all their products are mixed and sealed securely uncompromised until it reaches the consumers.

The company uses only top-class ingredients with advanced technology in a facility with ISO-certified management quality. Hygrozyme is available throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. The company promptly handles any quality control and handling issues with hydroponics retailers.

Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzyme Formula

Hygrozyme is an innovative enzyme formula rich with beneficial enzymes ensuring optimum plant growth. This Hygrozyme solution is efficient in breaking down dead root matter. It contains four main enzymes; cellulase, xylanase, hemicellulase, and beta-glucanase. These are balanced and mixed to ensure plant and root health above all.

Enzymes are known for facilitating biochemical reactions. With Hygrozyme, growers can easily get rid of Any dead root mass in the root zone of plants as their breakdown process speeds up.

With dead material gone, this makes way for new roots to grow and thrive. Hygrozyme also helps turn the old root matter into nutrients for plants to use. With healthy and strong roots, plants can take up more nutrition and swiftly deliver it to their system.

Hygrozyme is effective in all growing media and at any stage of a plant’s life cycle. The enzymes are all-natural ingredients free from pests and any diseases. It helps keep a healthy root system free from any rotting material.

Hygrozyme is specifically designed to get rid of unwanted materials without compromising the good and beneficial microorganisms in the growing media, so nothing to worry about.

Hygrozyme and Eden Horticulture

Hygrozyme and Eden Horticulture are the same in that they intend for hydroponics enthusiasts to grow their plants satisfactorily to their best form. Hygrozyme maintains its integrity by producing quality products. Meanwhile, Eden Horticulture makes sure to provide customers with accurate product information, quality products, and reasonable pricing, all for the benefit of our dedicated growers and farmers.

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