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House and Garden Root Excelurator
House and Garden Bud XL
House & Garden Coco A & B
House & Garden Multi Zyme
H&G Shooting Powder 5 x Sachets
House and Garden Top Shooter
House and Garden Top Booster
House and Garden Amino Treatment


House & Garden

It is a hydroponics brand of trusted quality and is highly sought by commercial farmers and growers. It offers various products geared towards ensuring optimal plant growth and development for increased yield and production. Its nutrient solutions can help achieve a healthy and green garden.

About House & Garden

Founded in 1990, it is now a leading brand in hydroponics wholesale. It has its headquarters and production facility in Humboldt County, California. You can find this company's products distributed worldwide.

For 30 years, the company has marketed premium quality fertilisers and nutrients that earned praises and preferences among UK hydroponics growers. Their clean formulation and guaranteed performance seal the deal for its consumers.

The success in their formula is a product of years of close cooperation with scientists and experts who specialize in plant growth, giving extra attention to what plants need at different stages of growth.

House & Garden strives to deliver premium products to its customers while maintaining its integrity and educating its customers on how to maintain a healthy garden properly. House & Garden is also constantly finding new solutions and formulas to continue innovation in the hydroponics industry.

House & Garden Products

House & Garden Nutrients is complete with a range of products prized for their purity and performance in helping plants grow to their full potential.

Base Nutrients

Featuring the perfect blend of nutrients for hydroponic applications, the range of base nutrients from House & Garden is highly sought and is a favorite among different hydroponics distribution companies.

Aqua Flakes A & B is rich in soluble nutrients specific for a hydroponics setup. Coco A & B contains the perfect ratio of nutrients, ensuring plant growth. Soil A & B balances the soil with organic nutrition providing plants with the ideal medium to grow.


House & Garden’s additives undergo high-quality standards and formulation testing before reaching the hands of consumers. The additives are completely safe and are easily absorbed by plants. Each product ensures that plants get the right amount of nutrients at the right time. 


The brand features a line of stimulators - Roots Excelurator, Amino Treatment, Multi Zyme, Algen Extract, Bud-XL, Top Booster, Top Shooter, and Shooting Powder. These products contain a balanced complex of nutrients for thicker and healthier branches, flower intensification, and increased fruit production.


House & Garden markets one product under its substrates portfolio. The House & Garden Cocos is made from the cleanest coco peat, maintaining the natural benefits in a coco substrate. It provides plants with the perfect water and air ratio and is compatible with other base nutrients.

House & Garden and Eden Horticulture

Eden Horticulture is a product partner of House & Garden in distributing premium quality hydroponics solutions on the market. Eden Horticulture believes that the pure and clean plant solutions that have passed strict quality standards and formulation testing are what farmers and growers need to achieve a healthy and fruitful harvest.

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