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Flairform Gro Storm
Flairform Gro Storm
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Flairform Green Dream Grow
Flairform Bud Storm
Flairform Bud Storm
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Flairform is one of the best brands that UK hydroponics growers and indoor gardeners can trust for fertilisers. They offer topnotch hydroponic supplies of nutrients and additives for plant growers.

About Flairform

The hydroponics industry has grown and flourished through the years, and different nutrient and additives brands have surfaced. One of the most reliable is Flairform in hydroponic supplies.

They started back in 1992 and established the brand with knowledge, scientific research and experience.

Flairform is based in Applecross, Western Australia.

Bob Taylor, who is the founder of Flairform, was a renowned chemist both in the agricultural and water fields. He partnered with Andrew Taylor, the company's head chemist, who has been working relentlessly on product research and development. For over 20 years, they have led the plant community with fertilisers and hydroponics wholesale products.

Flairform Products

Flairform has led product innovation in the hydroponics community and has provided clients with highly effective additives and fertilisers.

Specialising horticultural, water, and agricultural chemistry, the team has gained the experience and expertise in making the best products that will ensure plant development.

Among their best products is the Flairform Bud Storm. It is a fruiting stimulant that aids in making sure growers will have robust and vibrant blooms.

Aside from ensuring the growth in strength and number of blooms, Bud Storm also aids in producing a flavorful and sweet taste in fruits. It is given during the blooming phase to accommodate the demands of the plant. It can also be incorporated alongside the grower's regular feeding regime.

The Flairform CMX is a specific additive that is rich in calcium and magnesium. Both of the mentioned nutrients are crucial for plant growth. And the addition of CMX prevents nutrient deficiency in growing plants. CMX also contains all the other trace elements that are not found in other supplements.

Plant parents in need of an all-in-one supplement will find relief in Flairform Gro Storm. It is an organic additive that contains humic and fulvic acid.

Aside from that, it also has kelp which improves the ability of various plants to take up nutrients. It can be used during the vegetative and flowering phase. It then promotes plant vitality and strength with a better yield in quality and quantity.

Choosing Flairform

Growers rely on Flairform products because the result speaks for itself.

All the products from Flairform available in Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution centre are tested and are assured to make plant growth a breeze for all growers.

Bud Storm has ingredients that will enhance nutrition during the blooming phase and is best for soil, coco, and hydroponics use.

The CMX is best for those plants with signs of calcium and magnesium deficiency. And because it has other trace elements, plant malnourishment can be prevented.

Gro Storm has natural vitamins on top of the needed nutrients, all of which are fully soluble and highly stable. It also increases the plant's resistance to heat stress.

There is no question with the efficacy of the products from Flairform. That is why Eden Horticulture has partnered with a reliable brand that will encourage more clients to take care of their plants in the best way possible.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Flairform

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