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Automatic Fire Extinguisher
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Taking care of plants entails responsibility. That responsibility includes growing those greens, protecting them from pests, and even accidental fires. Being serious in getting those plants to grow gracefully can mean investing in the best products the market offers now.

Having preventive measures at hand is probably the best thing plant growers can spend on. It means being dedicated to cultivating plants, that every preventive strategy possible is already established.

With every plant care product at Eden Horticulture, the Automatic Fire Extinguisher from FireBlitz is among the best things growers should have for plant and machinery protection.

About FireBlitz

FireBlitz is the leading fire extinguisher supplier in the United Kingdom. They have been supplying fire and rescue services through the years.

They are currently in Manford Industrial Estate, United Kingdom. But their humble beginnings paved the way for their products to grow and their services to expand all over the world.

Their company started out as Flamebeater International Limited back in 2008, which was shortly changed to what is now known as FireBlitz Extinguisher Limited in the same year.

Among the key persons in the company is Jason Perrins, who, together with his team of specialists launched Firehawk Safety. The rest was history on how FireBlitz came to be the leaders in extinguishing fire from the United Kingdom and to different parts of the globe.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

In taking care of plants, is it really necessary to have a fire extinguisher as a preventive measure around? The short answer is yes. Plants, with their leaves in constant growth, easily catch fire. Those having hydroponic machinery are at risk for having an overheating problem, especially if they are situated in an unmanned area.

An Automatic Fire Extinguisher is meant to be mounted on the wall, with the bracket included in its package. It is simply automatic because it detects heat around the area, as it is usually associated with fire.

Overheating is common among hydroponic machinery, and if its internal components catch fire immediately, it would be too late for the rescue to team to save as much as they can. That is why an automatic one is very suitable in these situations.

The preventive measure of protecting plants and machinery from fire is not new. The Automatic Fire Extinguisher has stored pressure with a compact body.

It is economical because it is low maintenance, and the damage that is prevented is beyond the price of the extinguisher itself. It also comes with a steel bracket that is powder coated, and a metal spring clip. Lastly, it also suits most engine compartments.

Investing in the Automatic Fire Extinguisher

The economical way of preventing fires through an automatic fire extinguisher will save plant parents a fortune.

The specific fire extinguisher from FireBlitz has its hydroponic setting that extinguishes fire long before bystanders and occupants have known there was fire to begin with. This extreme preventive measure makes it highly efficient, especially in those growers with a lot of hydroponics wholesale products and machineries.

Detecting heat is a simple way to prevent the damage that fires could have caused. It has a heat-sensitive glass bulb that expands and bursts with an extremely high temperature.

The extinguishant is then released for fire prevention. The automatic feature makes it very dependable, especially when there is no one in that area, or during the night. The convenience that the Automatic Fire Extinguisher brings is unmatched, as it can quickly be mounted with a pressure gauge that is easy to read.

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