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Eden Essentials

Growing plants is a breeze for UK hydroponics enthusiasts and growers guided by the right information and having the right materials, hydroponic supplies, hydroponics equipment, and high quality growing tools. Beginners and seasoned growers trust only Eden Essentials for quality perlite and clay pebbles. With these products, indoor gardeners can ensure an excellent soil mix.

Eden Essentials in the Hydroponics Industry

Eden Horticulture has been around supplying the needs of gardeners and plant lovers for years as a hydroponics retailer and wholesaler.

The now hydroponics distributor and wholesaler started cultivating their grounds in 2012 under the name of Hydroponic Wholesale Limited.

In the later part of 2013, the UK-based company changed its name to Eden Horticulture Limited.

From then on, the company director has been Alexander Lawrence Fielding. And up to present, he has been the head of the company who is responsible for its continuous growth along with his team.

Eden Horticulture has been providing various plant care and hydroponics wholesale products.

They are based in Telford, United Kingdom and have expanded from hydroponics distribution to their own line of Eden Essentials.

Clay Pebbles

It is easy to provide plants with additives as a part of their feeding regimen. But keeping its environment in great shape for proper nutrient absorption can be a challenge.

The Clay Pebbles from Eden Essentials will help in keeping aeration. While it is best for plants to get enough nutrients and water supply, it is also vital for them to breathe. Clay Pebbles will do the trick in ensuring that the growing media is the best place for plants to grow.

The one from Eden Essentials is organic and can aid in greater air and water capacity. Clay Pebbles can be mixed with soil or used as a standalone growing medium.


Growing plants in coco or soil can be tough for plants in very humid areas. The addition of Perlite from Eden Essentials can aid the plants in such weather conditions. This is because Perlite can effectively improve the aeration and drainage for plants in soil or coco systems.

The increase of airflow through the root level promotes growth and proper nutrient absorption.

Having Perlite in the growing media will not only improve nutrient absorption but will also strengthen the roots.

Because aeration is improved, plants are not overwhelmed with water and are able to take every nutrient in slowly and at the right pace with continuous air supply.

The Clay Pebbles are made of the highest quality organic pebbles to aid in aeration.

Perlite from the same line is highly absorbent and keeps drainage and aeration in moderation for adequate plant development.

Essentials by Eden Horticulture - Growing Medium Made Better

Eden Horticulture specialists have seen the impact of a great growing medium in maintaining the plants' healthy state. They have the passion to provide customers with advice, guidance, and recommendation on plant care and hydroponics. So, for high-quality perlite and clay pebbles, trust only their line of Eden Essentials.

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