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Dry Bag 500ml Portable Disposable Dehumidifier
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Dry Pot 800ml Portable Disposable Dehumidifier
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Dry Bag, Dry Pot

Indoor gardeners know well the importance of controlling a grow room's internal environmental parameters. They need to manage the grow room's temperature, lighting, airflow, and humidity.

While many products can ensure the ideal moisture levels in a grow tent, most gardeners do not need complicated setups. All they need are efficient and reliable products they can use hassle-free. A brand to rely on is Dry Bag Dry Pot.

About Dry Bag, Dry Pot

Like many small hydroponics UK manufacturers, this brand does not offer an extensive product line. The brand only has two outstanding products in its portfolio.

However, the company does its best in providing indoor farmers and growers only high quality moisture control solutions.

The brand believes in efficient moisture control as a prerequisite to a more robust indoor plant growth and productivity. It uses high quality materials in the manufacture of its moisture-absorbing compounds and dry casings.

The company tests each material for optimum moisture absorption, discarding those that do not meet standards. Its casings feature strong materials, ensuring durability for everyone who uses them.

The brand also partners with reputable hydroponics wholesale companies, ensuring they have ready stocks to deliver to retailers and customers. Dry Bag, Dry Pot also coordinates with UK hydroponics distribution facilities, ensuring fast and reliable deliveries to farmers and growers in the UK.

The brand relies on its partner organisations to help in addressing customer concerns. Eden Horticulture does our best to provide customers with the correct information they need about Dry Bag, Dry Pot products.

Dry Bag. Dry Pot Products

Eden Horticulture offers two of Dry Bag, Dry Pot's best-selling products to indoor gardeners and grow room farmers. These products provide exceptional moisture control, complimenting a grow room's air movement fans, extraction fans, and other moisture control devices.

Dry Pot Disposable Dehumidifier

Capable of absorbing up to 800 millilitres of moisture, the Dry Pot is the perfect solution for medium to large grow rooms. Indoor gardeners can place the Dry Pot in a small shelf space or the floor. Dry Bag Disposable Dehumidifier The Dry Bag is a more flexible solution than the Dry Pot because gardeners can hang it almost anywhere. The bag has a built-in hook with a base clip securing the bag containing 1,840 moisture-absorbent beads.

The only difference from the Dry Pot is that the other can only accommodate up to half a litre of moisture. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent solution for controlling humidity in grow rooms and tents.

Dry Bag, Dry Pot and Eden Horticulture

We support the philosophy and aim of small manufacturers like Dry Bag, Dry Pot. At Eden Horticulture, we value everyone's commitment and dedication to improving the lives of modern farmers and growers.

We ensure accurate product information, reliable pricing, timely deliveries, and exceptional customer support to help the brand achieve its vision and mission as we do the same on our end. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits growers and farmers the most.

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