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Clarke Submersible Water Pumps
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Farmers need an efficient system of channeling and distributing water and essential nutrients to their plants or crops. Only a reliable pump and other gardening power tools can offer such assurance. Thankfully, one brand stands out when it comes to industry-leading water pumps for hydroponics and agro-industrial applications – Clarke.

About Clarke

Clarke is part of the Clarke International Ltd group of companies, with headquarters in Epping, UK. Established in February 1970, Clarke is one of the UK's foremost manufacturers, importers, and distributors of power tools, machinery, hand tools, and other related equipment, including hydronics.

While the company is famous for its power-driven hand tools, Clarke also produces some of the world's high-performance submersible pumps for use in hydroponics systems. That is why it is the preferred partner of many hydroponics distribution establishments and hydroponics wholesale organisations.

The company has a product range that totals more than 3,000. It provides Great Britain's best selection of power equipment, tools, and other industrial-grade machinery. From generators to pumps to engines and motors, customers can expect only the best quality products from the brand.

Clarke Products

Clare has more than 3,000 products in its portfolio, including the following tools for modern gardeners and growers.

Water Pumps

Clarke offers different kinds of pumps for modern indoor gardeners and farmers. The brand has engine-driven pumps for large agro-industrial operations. It also offers centrifugal water pumps and boosters to augment existing water delivery systems in pumps.

At Eden Horticulture, we provide gardeners Clarke's revolutionary Submersible Pump effective for both clean and dirty water. As long as water particles are not larger than 35 millimetres in diameter, the pump should maintain its operational efficiency.

The Clarke Submersible Pump features a heavy-duty ceramic shaft that improves the pump's service life and operational reliability. The heavy-duty materials are also rustproof and non-corrosive, further extending the pump's operational lifespan.

With an automatic start/stop float switch, this submersible water pump ensures maximum efficiency during operation. It delivers a maximum water flow rate of 133 litres per minute with a maximum lift height of 8 metres. Very few submersible pumps can match Clarke's capabilities.

This submersible pump ensures the more efficient distribution of nutrient solution over greater distances and with more significant water pressure. It is the perfect pump for farmers and growers of large-scale hydroponics systems.

Gardening Tools

The company offers garden sprayers and hoses, matting, garden hand tools, garden accessories, and garden trolleys. Farmers will find these high-quality gardening tools useful in different aspects of their endeavour. They are durable and perform beyond expectations.

Clarke and Eden Horticulture

We value Clarke's commitment to delivering only the best submersible water pumps for hydroponics applications. That is why we, at Eden Horticulture, have to match the brand's dedication to quality and excellence with our brand of devotion and enthusiasm. Customers can trust us to provide them with Clarke products that can be instrumental in ensuring a more bountiful harvest on their farms.

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