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Chika Chika

Caring for plants requires removing dead and dying stubs, stems, and branches to encourage new growth. While ordinary pruners and shears can do a good job, most seasoned UK hydroponics growers prefer using a tool they can trust without undermining safety and comfort. Such shears are what Chika Chika offers to both newbie and veteran farmers.

About Chika Chika

Chika Chika is a small gardening tools company that specialises in gardening shears or pruners. It has a team of designers integrating classic Japanese design concepts into each of its products. The design innovation results in gardening shears with the highest possible quality, durability, and performance.

The brand works with different hydroponics distribution facilities to determine the best possible methods of bringing its products to farmers and growers.

At the same time, their product development arm collaborates with hydroponics wholesale companies to understand what farmers and growers look for in gardening shears.

With this knowledge, the brand translates the concepts into tangible design components and allows them to produce high-quality garden shears.

Prior to releasing the products into the market, Chika Chika subjects them to rigorous assessment, evaluation, and validation. They do not want to produce a product that their customers will have problems using. That is why there is a growing number of hydroponics UK growers that are using Chika Chika's products.

The company offers an exceptional warranty for its garden shears. It is something that any farmer will want, both for ensuring peace of mind and guaranteeing product quality.

Chika Chika Products

Eden Horticulture offers farmers and growers three high-performance pruners from Chika Chika. These gardening tools feature extra-sharp blades, comfortable handles, and durable construction that will last many years.

Straight Shears

The brand offers two models of straight shears for modern growers: the X30 and the X100. Perfect for removing dead stems and branches, these straight shears can make a farmer's life a lot easier.

Both straight shears draw inspiration from a timeless Japanese design, complete with drop-forged technology for optimum strength and durability. There is no questioning the shears’ precision and sharpness, making for a fantastic addition to any farmer's tools.

Curved Shears

Chika Chika designed its curved shears to make the cleanest cuts of stems and small branches. It is a precise pruning tool with a razor-sharp edge for optimum cutting efficiency. The X40 provides exceptional comfort while ensuring precision cutting.

The curved shears have a spring-loaded design for ease of operation. These shears will never strain the hands, requiring only minimal effort while ensuring optimum control. Its ambidextrous design also makes it the ideal cutting tool for both right-handed and left-handed growers.

Chika Chika and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

We stand by Chika Chika's commitment to product quality by offering the brand's best-selling shears to hydroponics growers in the UK. Coupled with our unparalleled customer services, UK farmers and growers will find the best pruners and shears they can use on their plants here at Eden Horticulture. We are more than proud to be a partner of Chika Chika in this regard.

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