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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland

Plants grow naturally under sufficient sunlight and water supply. They grow so much better with the right nutrients and supplements. When they are given with proper nourishment, growth is unrestricted, and they thrive without difficulty.
Keeping their growth to their fullest potential can be a challenge, especially for those who are new to using fertilizers with rich and balanced nutrition.
There are a variety of fertilizers for nutrition suitable for all kinds of plants. Some are those by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland that make traditional fertilizers for all growing media easy and simple.

About Advanced Hydroponics of Holland

The growing company of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland started with Jay Jacksons curiosity in finding out an alternative fertilizer.
He has used the common fertilizers available but could not seem to collate all the components he wanted to try for his plants. He went to the Dutch Flower Nutrient Research Center and created a plant supplement line that has all the necessary elements for plant growth.
In 1994, Advanced Hydroponics of Holland was created. It now has over 60 distributors all over the world and with their headquarters in Uithoorn, Netherlands.
The Pride of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland
Plant supplements are meant to enhance the growth of various greens. Advanced Hydroponics of Holland provides customers with liquid fertilizers that are absorbed faster.
Their fertilizers are suitable for plants in soil and even for hydroponics. Their well-balanced formula is effective in ensuring the development of plants.
Aside from the right formulation, the products of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland are simple and very easy to use.

Nutrient System

Having the line of a 3-part nutrient system is among their best products at hand.
This covers the growth of various plants throughout their life cycle. Knowing the phase of each life cycle is important, and Advanced Hydroponics of Holland compliments that specific life cycle with their line of fertilizer.
This line starts with the Dutch 1 Grow. It is usually added on the growth phase, as it promotes stronger roots and a more pigmented green on the leaves.
As this phase is essential for the plants healthy state, Dutch 1 Grow has a formulation that will prepare the plant for optimal bud formation on the next phase.
Dutch 2 Bloom is the second one of the 3-part nutrient system. This boosts the environment of the plant for an optimal flowering phase. It contains high amounts of potassium and phosphorus, which are the main nutrients needed for the plants to bloom with grace.
The last one of the 3-part nutrient system is the Dutch 3 Micro. It contains all the other elements that are needed for the optimal development on their remaining days. It can also be used on the entire life cycle of most plants.
It has chelated microelements and pH buffers that ensures the plants are in a suitable state for growth and development.
All of these supplements are in liquid form, which is ideal for nutrient absorption for most plants. It is suitable for and flexible for beginners and professionals who want to cultivate their own greens.
All of the ingredients in this line are safe for growing various plants all-year round. Additionally, all the products of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland are easy to use.
Eden Horticulture UK Hydroponics Wholesale on Advanced Hydroponics of Holland
Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution boasts products that are top the line like Advanced Hydroponics of Holland. We take pride in having this line as it has been a great partner for plant growers for years.

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