Tropic Allmix

Tropic Allmix

Tropic Allmix 💛

Tropic Allmix, a premium organic potting soil that transforms your growing experience. Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, this ready-to-use soil substrate is designed to mimic fertile outdoor soil, delivering extreme root development and supporting rapid, vibrant growth. Let's delve into why Tropic Allmix is the perfect choice for organic growers aiming to maximise plant quality and crop size. 🌿🌟


What is Tropic Allmix? Tropic Allmix is a premium, pre-fertilised organic potting substrate that mirrors the richness of outdoor soil. Packed with high-quality peat moss, limestone, and beneficial microorganisms, it creates an optimal environment for your plants to thrive. The carefully selected ingredients, in collaboration with beneficial microbes, ensure a slow and steady breakdown, providing the nutrition needed for robust growth. 🌱🌍


Key Features:

  1. Extreme Root Development: Promotes robust root systems for healthier, more resilient plants. 🌱🌿

  2. Pre Fertilised: Ready-to-use soil with an ideal blend of organic nutrients for a nourishing start. 🌼

  3. Max Growth: Designed to support rapid and vibrant growth, maximising both quality and size. 🚀

  4. 100% Organic: Committed to organic excellence, ensuring a chemical-free environment for your plants. 🌿🌍

  5. Naturally Sourced: Enriched with a balanced mix of natural ingredients, including high-quality peat moss and limestone. 🌿🌏

  6. pH Balance: Maintains a balanced pH of 5.5 (5.0-6.0), creating an optimal environment for plant nutrient uptake. 📈

  7. Electrical Conductivity (EC): Boasts an EC value of 1.0 (0.8-1.2) mS/CM, ensuring controlled nutrient availability. ⚡



  • Peatmoss medium: 0.45 m3
  • Black peat rhp: 0.20 m3
  • Perlite 1-6 mm: 0.10 m3
  • Browpeat mix: 0.25 m3
  • DCM ecor-fos: 1.00 kg/m3
  • DCM ecor 5: 4.00 kg/m3
  • DCM micromix: 0.30 kg/m3
  • DCM vivicol: 1.00 kg/m3
  • Limestone extra: 4.30 kg/m3


Why Choose Tropic Allmix?

  1. Organic Excellence: Ideal for organic gardeners striving for maximum plant quality and crop size. 🌱

  2. Nutrient-Rich Breakdown: Beneficial microbes break down nutrients slowly, providing steady nutrition for vibrant growth. 💧

  3. Versatile and Ready-to-Use: Suitable for various plants, offering a hassle-free solution for growers. 🌷🌿

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