October Newsletter 🍂🎃

October Newsletter 🍂🎃

Unearth Great Deals and News in Our October Newsletter! 📰🎃

As always, we're dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest products, along with some exciting updates from Eden Horticulture.


Free Omega Black Ballast!  🔌💡

Our headline offer this month is sure to brighten up your day! When you purchase any Omega 720W LED light, you'll receive a free Omega black ballast!


Root Nurse Pots: The Fabric Advantage 🪴

Even more reason to go fabric! We've got the best prices guaranteed on Root Nurse Pots, which are not only 150% lighter than plastic pots but also promote 30% more root growth. Plus, we're offering Root Nurse Ice White Pots at a jaw-dropping 50% off while supplies last.


Mammoth Prime Carbon Filter 420: Breathe Easy 🦣💨

Eliminate odours effortlessly with our Mammoth Prime Carbon Filter 420, including a brand new 10" 1200mm size. These filters are lightweight and renowned for their quality, ensuring your growing environment remains pristine.


Snap, Tag, and Win with Mammoth! 📸

Participate in our Snap, Tag, and Win contest! Simply snap a photo of any Mammoth product, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @edenhorticulture, and you could win the full Mammoth filter range. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss.


Eden Clearance Sale: Grab a Bargain! 🚨

Incredible bargains on various products, including Omega T5 Propagation Lights, Omega Medium DE Adjustable Flex Wing Reflectors, BloomBox Grow Tents, 10L Eden Clay Pebbles, HarvestMore Trim Bags, Magic Butter Machines, SpinPro Personal Trimmers, Autopilot Flex Tanks (25L), and Visqueen B/W Polisile Sheeting (8M x 25M, 120mu).


A Tropic storm has begun 🌩️

Get ready to unearth paradise in every plant with our brand new Tropic substrates. We offer four exciting substrates: Tropic Batman, Tropic Lightmix, Tropic Cocomix, and Tropic Allmix. Elevate your plant's growth with these premium substrates.


Eden Industry News: 📰

A Shoutout to Ashton Horticulture

In September, we celebrated Ashton Horticulture's Birthday Bash and gave away fantastic prizes for the 3 longest hanging times. We want to say our thanks to Ashton for hosting this great event.

Farewell to James

In bittersweet news, our sales rep James has landed his dream job supplying fishing equipment. We want to say thanks to James for his valuable contributions to Eden Horticulture and wish him the very best in his new endeavor.

Christmas Giveaway: Spread the Joy!

Prepare to spread the Christmas spirit with Eden! From November 1st to December 1st, we'll be giving away incredible gifts to our loyal customers. It's our way of saying thank you for your continued support.


Book a Store Visit 🤝

Don't miss out on our expert guidance and the opportunity to explore our latest products and services. Book a store visit with your local rep today!


Connect with Us on WhatsApp 📞

Stay updated with daily offers, special promotions, company updates, and easy order placement by adding us on WhatsApp at 07368 687 867.


Free Plagron Coco Nutrients: Limited-Time Offer ⏰

Last but not least, seize the chance to receive free Plagron Coco nutrients! Order half a pallet of any Plagron Coco substrate, and you'll get a box of 1L Coco A & 1L Coco B. Order a full pallet of any coco substrate, and receive a box of 5L Coco A & 5L Coco B. Hurry, because when it's gone, it's gone!

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