New Mammoth 10" 1200mm Prime Carbon Filter

New Mammoth 10" 1200mm Prime Carbon Filter

Unleash Freshness with our new 10" 1200mm Mammoth Prime Carbon Filter 💨🦣

The Mammoth Prime Carbon Filter comes in a range of sizes including our newest 10" 1200mm size. If you're serious about eliminating unwanted odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this sleek and lightweight carbon filter from Mammoth is the answer.

Quality and Efficiency:

Designed to be half the weight of most filters in the market, these carbon filters do not compromise on performance, boasting an impressive airflow capacity of up to 3250m3/h. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or a hobbyist, Mammoth ensures that your air purification needs are met with unparalleled efficiency.

Sleek and Lightweight Design:

The Mammoth Prime Carbon Filter's design is a testament to innovation in the field of air filtration. Its sleek and lightweight construction makes it easy to handle and install, providing growers with a hassle-free experience. The reduced weight doesn't mean a reduction in performance; Mammoth filters still deliver top-notch odor elimination without the burden of heavy equipment. 🌐💡

Privacy in Packaging:

We understand the importance of privacy for our customers. That's why Mammoth Prime Carbon Filters come in a discreet sleeve packaging, ensuring that your purchase remains confidential. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the product's functionality to encompass your peace of mind as well. 📦🤐

Padded Fast Clamps – The Perfect Companion:

These clamps feature a metal band with a foam lining, effectively reducing fan vibrations. When connecting your fan directly to a filter, opting for padded fast clamps over traditional methods like duct tape is a wise choice. Not only do they offer superior stability, but they also contribute to a quieter and more efficient operation of your ventilation system. 🔄🔒


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