New Advanced Nutrients Products

New Advanced Nutrients Products

What's New?                                          An old favourite is back plus new powders 👀


Voodoo Juice Plus Quick Dissolving Tablets: Unleash the Power of Microbial Magic 🪄

Our old favorite, Voodoo Juice, is making a triumphant return, and this time it's back with a twist. Introducing Voodoo Juice Plus, the game-changer in the world of microbial products. This quick-dissolving tablet form contains all 16 strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi found in our flagship products—Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula.

Designed to expand roots for maximum nutrient absorption, Voodoo Juice Plus captures and solubilizes locked-up nutrients, ensuring your plants get the nourishment they deserve. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of using multiple products—Voodoo Juice Plus is your all-in-one solution for raising bud weight at a fraction of the price.


Bud Blood Powder: Unveiling the Secret Weapon for Explosive Budding 🩸

Prepare for a bloom phase like never before with our newest biostimulant, Bud Blood Powder. This premium powder delivers a traditional PK spike, jolting your plants into explosive budding. The precise nutrient ratios not only maximize yields but also minimize the risk of heavy metal contamination in your crops. Make Bud Blood Powder your secret weapon for achieving the highest yields and unlocking the full potential of your plants.


Sensi Bloom and Sensi Grow Water-Soluble Powders: Precision Nutrition for Optimal Development 🌺🌱

Introducing two groundbreaking products that cater to the phase-specific nutritional requirements of your plants—Sensi Bloom and Sensi Grow Water-Soluble Powders. These state-of-the-art fertilizers hit the shift to ensure your plants receive the exact nutrients they need, resulting in bigger, more aromatic plants packed with valuable compounds.


Sensi Bloom Water-Soluble Powder delivers a powerful combination of 10 nitrogen, 14 phosphorus, and 16 potassium in Part A, and 17 nitrogen, 0 phosphorus, and 6 potassium in Part B. Increase the quality, yield, and flavour of your harvest with this precision-formulated nutrient powerhouse.


Sensi Grow Water-Soluble Powder is crafted for optimal development in both grow and bloom stages. With Part A containing 9 nitrogen, 10 phosphorus, and 28 potassium, and Part B delivering 15 nitrogen, 0 phosphorus, and 0 potassium, this moisture-resistant formula caters to the needs of every grower, maintaining chemical stability and providing the exact macro, secondary, and micro nutrient ratios needed for success.

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