Method Seven Catalyst Filter

Method Seven Catalyst Filter

How does the Method Seven Catalyst work?

Create professional-quality media in a grow room with Method Seven’s Catalyst Phone Clip Photo Filter. Exclusively distributed at Eden Horticulture, Method Seven’s Catalyst are available as both a HPS and LED filter.  

The Method Seven Catalyst clips securely to any smartphone or tablet, balancing the colour spectrum with a high-quality Carl Zeiss lens for insane optical clarity.

Method Seven Catalyst LED

Method Seven introduces the worlds first LED camera lens filter for getting great photos in a grow room. Method Seven’s specially formulated LED camera lens ideally balances the light output of popular LED lights, allowing users to take amazing photos and video inside a LED grow! 

The Catalyst LED is made from aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer for durability, meaning it’s built to last! This lens is not for use on full/ white spectrum LED lights; it is made for magenta, red, or pink spectrum LED lights.

The filter screw mount is a 37mm aluminium alloy ring which can be removed and adapted for security cameras too!

Method Seven Catalyst HPS

Get amazing "perfect colour" photos and videos inside a grow room with Method Seven’s Catalyst HPS! 

With Method Seven’s camera lens filter, photographers and videographers can shoot in the harsh yellow light spectrum found under HPS lights, capture perfect white-balanced imagery and stunning results.

The Catalyst HPS is also designed for durability. Created with aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer, this is a high-quality HPS filter, guaranteed to create impressive photographs and videos. The HPS filter screw mount is also measured at 37mm which means the aluminium alloy ring can be removed and adapted for security cameras.

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