June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Eden Horticulture's June Newsletter has arrived!

Summer stars at the end of June, so of course, this month’s main feature had to be the one and only Vortex.

Beat the heat with Vortex

Vortex premium fans are a high-quality and durable product, which is the perfect addition for any hydroponic setup. Now the temperature is rising, your customers will definitely be able to beat the heat with the Vortex range.

Omega Lighting POS

 This month’s newsletter also features an Omega Lighting POS. We believe that with our knowledge of the hydroponic industry, our varied range of products, and available merchandise for your stores, your customers will always come back to you. Marketing your products in-store is so important and we always want to help you every step of the way. So, we would love your opinion - is the Omega Lighting POS something that you would like in your store? Let us know! 

For any questions about the newsletter please get in touch with us today on 01952 455725.

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