Introducing: AutoPot Watering Systems

Introducing: AutoPot Watering Systems

The future is sustainable, simple growing. 

No-one knows that better than AutoPot, whose revolutionary feeding system has let farmers around the world grow electricity-free and labour-free. 

Eden is proud to distribute AutoPot products and help transform the way we grow. 


What is the AutoPot system?

The AutoPot range is an automatic, gravity-powered plant feeding system that distributes just as much nutrient solution as a plant needs, whenever it needs it. 

It detects when individual plants run low and uses a patented float valve mechanism to top thirsty plants up. Once it’s delivered the right amount of nutrient solution, the system creates an airlock to shut off the nutrient supply until a plant runs out again. 

This method replicates the natural wet/dry cycle of outdoor plants. It also takes the weight off the grower, allowing them to leave their garden unattended for up to 2 weeks


No pollution, no power, no payment

Nutrient feed is stored in a reservoir, such as the AutoPot FlexiTank, and only ever distributed when a plant needs it. 

Not only does this provide a perfect feeding schedule for your fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, but it’s far more sustainable than hand watering. Since there’s hardly any drainage, there’s no waste and minimal risk of pollution if you’re using chemical fertilisers. It also reduces overall water consumption by 50%. 

Even better, there’s no electricity - meaning you’ll be covered in a power cut and there are no bills to pay


No more daily watering

Consider AutoPot your very own plant sitter! Your garden will thrive even when you’re not there. 

An AutoPot system is ideal for any grower. It’s the perfect solution for large gardens, plants which need regular attention, and those growing in spaces like allotments where you can’t always be at hand. 

If you need to keep a couple of plants ticking while you’re on holiday, try the Easy2Go, which feeds plants unattended for up to 2 weeks. 


Scale and customise

The beauty of AutoPot equipment is that it can be as simple or as complex as you like. Grow one plant or 100; add taps, connectors, filters, and corners as you grow your system. 

AutoPot sells their products both separately and in handy kits, so you’ll only ever pay for the tools you need.


Grow beyond

The system allows you to grow in places never possible before. On an individual basis, it means you could have the bountiful balcony or rooftop garden you always wanted. 

Going larger, the possibilities are endless. Less than 40% of the world’s land is habitable for growing, but with an automatic feeding system like AutoPot’s, it’s possible for plants to receive optimum nutrition anywhere. 


AutoPot at Eden Horticulture

Want to grow with no effort? You can now find several AutoPot lines, such as the AQUAvalve Complete SystemsFlexiTanks, and FlexiPots on the Eden website. 

Speak to your local rep or give us a call to learn more about our new AutoPot products

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