A Q&A With CannaBrush

A Q&A With CannaBrush

A Q&A with CannaBrush

The CannaBrush has completely transformed hand trimming. It’s fast, easy and fun. The CannaBrush has specially designed stiff silicone paddles which are perfect for removing foliage with minimal impact to the final product. Brush trimming is an ergonomic motion and puts little stress on hands, wrists and eyes. With the proper technique, brushing feels natural. 


Q. Is it faster than trimming with scissors?

  1. Hands down. An experienced trimmer can trim 200g per hour.


Q. Does the CannaBrush replace scissors in the act of trimming?

  1. The CannaBrush will replace scissors for a significant amount of leaf removal.


Q. Why would I use it?

  1. Scissor trimming works for some but is physically and mentally strenuous, time-consuming and not cost-effective.


Q. How fast can I expect to learn the technique?

  1. The CannaBrush is exceptionally user-friendly. Brush-trimming can be mastered in the first 30 minutes of use. 


Q. How often do I have to clean it and how?

  1. Most users will go consecutive days of heavy use without cleaning. When there is significant resin-build up, place the brush in the freezer for an hour, and the resin will easily separate from the silicone paddles. The CannaBrush requires much less cleaning than scissors. 


Q.Why wouldn’t I use my BBQ basting brush I have at home?

  1. A traditional brush is not stiff enough. The flimsy bristles do not have the same control as our patent-pending paddles. We’ve taken the time and found the exact size, shape and stiffness to maximise leaf removal and minimise damage to trichomes.

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