A Look Into The CannaBrush

A Look Into The CannaBrush

It’s time to take a look at The CannaBrush, a new ergonomic trimming tool that makes the trimming process simple, saving the user hours upon hours during harvesting time.

The American-born CannaBrush is a brand new trimming brush which has landed in the UK and is now solely distributed by Eden Horticulture. 

Using trimming scissors is finally a thing of the past! CannaBrush’s paddle material is made of 100% food-grade silicone which is naturally resin-resistant and gentler on the plant, so the user leaves more trichomes undisturbed.

The CannaBrush has three rows of bristles - which are strong, yet soft enough to leave more of the plant’s organic shape, with most of the trichome heads intact on the plant. The shape and stiffness of the silicone paddles provide the right amount of pressure to trim the stems and leaves off of most strains.

Brushing with the CannaBrush is an ergonomic motion and puts much less stress on users’ hands, wrists, and eyes, eliminating the stains that go along with scissor trimming. With CannaBrush’s proper technique, brushing feels natural, with the comfort grip handle applying less pressure and stress on the user.

The brush also requires much less cleaning than scissors. All you have to do is freeze the brush overnight and then gently knock off resin tips.

Brushing all the buds on a stalk at the same time is surprisingly efficient. With this ergonomic trimming brush, the volume and speed users can trim brushing is impressive. How do you use it? Simply rotate by holding the stem with the paddle angle at 15° from the handle, and expect to see an experienced trimmer trim on average 200g per hour.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the CannaBrush:

How often do I have to clean it and how?

The CannaBrush rarely has to be cleaned! Most users go through consecutive days of use without cleaning. When there is a significant resin build-up, simply place the brush in the freezer for an hour and the resin will separate from the silicone paddles.

Why wouldn’t I just use my BBQ basting brush I have at home? 

A traditional brush is not stiff enough to use. The bristles do not have the same control as the CannaBrush paddles. CannaBrush have taken time to discover the exact size, shape, and stiffness to maximise leaf removal and minimise damage to trichomes.

What about the trichomes?

Food-grade silicone is naturally resin resistant. Any contact can disrupt your trichomes, but this brushing technique displaces fewer crystals than typical speed-scissor trimming. This is because there are fewer contact points. When you brush, you hold the stalk which means there’s limited handling. When trimming with scissors at a standard pace, buds get handled more heavily.

How fast can I expect to learn the technique?

The CannaBrush is extremely user-friendly, the technique can be picked up within the first 30 minutes of use.

Is the CannaBrush faster than trimming with scissors?

Yes, it is! An experienced trimmer can trim on average 200g per hour.

If you are looking for more information on the CannaBrush, get in touch with us today at 01952 455725.

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