30 free soil boxes with Tropic Media pallets

30 free soil boxes with Tropic Media pallets

Unearth Tropic Media Deals 🌱

Receive 30 FREE soil boxes with Tropic Media pallets! 📦

Our January Newsletter brings an amazing Tropic deal: 30 free soil boxes with every pallet of Tropic Media purchased. This offer is valid throughout the month. Available while stocks last.

Purchase a full pallet (65 bags) of any one of our Tropic substrates such as Tropic Allmix, Tropic Lightmix, Tropic Cocomix, or Tropic Batmix and enjoy 30 soil boxes completely free.

Tropic Allmix 💛 - Premium, Organic Potting Soil: Enriched with organic nutrients, our Tropic Allmix is a top-tier, pre-fertilised potting soil. Perfect for those who seek a high-quality, organic foundation for their plants. This mix provides the essential nutrients your plants crave.

Tropic Lightmix 💚 - Enriched with Peat Moss and Beneficial Microorganisms: For those who prefer a lighter touch, Tropic Lightmix is the ideal choice. With a gentle dose of high-quality peat moss, limestone, and beneficial microorganisms, this mix strikes the perfect balance. It promotes aeration, drainage, and encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Tropic Cocomix ❤️ - The Perfect Balance of Aeration, Drainage, and Water Retention: Featuring 30% perlite, our Tropic Cocomix is a premium coco substrate that offers an optimal balance of aeration, drainage, and water retention. This blend ensures your plants receive the right amount of moisture while maintaining excellent air circulation around the roots.

Tropic Batmix 💙 - Harnessing the Power of Bat Guano: Tropic Batmix takes gardening to the next level by incorporating bat guano, one of the richest organic fertilisers on the planet. This pre-blended mix provides your plants with a natural source of nutrients, promoting robust growth and abundant yields.

Why are soil boxes so good? 📦

These double-walled Cardboard Soil Boxes are tried and tested products that are strong and reliable enough for shipping or storing heavy items. 

Unlike other inferior quality boxes, these double-wall boxes are built from two layers of corrugated cardboard, ensuring that the structure stays rigid in adverse conditions, standing strong against the increased compression forces that can occur during typical use.


How to claim this offer:

  1. Order a pallet (65 bags) of any of our Tropic range on our website or via the phone.
  2. Receive 30 FREE soil boxes. 

*offer available all throughout January, while stock lasts. 


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