🌴🌪️ The Tropic Storm Has Arrived 🌪️🌴

🌴🌪️ The Tropic Storm Has Arrived 🌪️🌴

🌴🌪️ The Tropic Storm Has Arrived : Elevate Your Retail Game with the New Tropic Substrates! 🌪️🌴

Get ready to revolutionise your product offerings and witness your sales grow! We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product range - Tropic substrates. Here's why you should stock Tropic Substrates for your customers 🌱


🧡Tropic Cocomix - Perfecting the Growth Recipe 🧡

First up, we have Tropic Cocomix - a premium blend that combines 70% Coco with 30% Perlite. This unique mixture offers the ideal balance of aeration, drainage, and water retention. The addition of Perlite ensures deep water penetration, enhancing nutrient absorption and drainage efficiency. The result? Healthier roots, better plant nutrition control, and consistent growth.

Tropic Cocomix caters to a wide range of plants and growing methods, making it a versatile addition to your inventory.

💛Tropic Allmix - Nurturing Vibrant Gardens 💛

Next on our Tropic journey is Tropic Allmix. This premium, organic potting soil is pre-fertilised with organic nutrients, creating an environment that mimics fertile outdoor soil. It's packed with high-quality peat moss, limestone, and beneficial microorganisms. The beauty of Tropic Allmix lies in its ability to foster extreme root development and maximise growth.

As a retailer, you can provide your customers with a solution that caters to organic growers seeking to enhance their plant's quality and crop size. It's a choice that will not only benefit their plants but also reinforce their trust in your expertise.


💚Tropic Lightmix - Gentle Nurturing for Young Plants 💚

Tropic Lightmix is a premium, lightly fertilised, organic potting soil. It's the perfect choice for re-potting younger plants, offering greater control of plant nutrition while providing a gentle push to get plants started. With added Perlite, natural sourcing, and a pH range of 5.5, it's designed to give your customers complete control over their feeding routines.

This substrate is your ticket to serving customers who have recently embarked on their growing journey. With Tropic Lightmix, you can empower them with a product that helps their plants grow and flourish.


💙Tropic Batmix - Rooting Excellence with a Guano Boost 💙

Last but not least, we have the star of the show - Tropic Batmix. This unique blend combines fine Irish peat with high-grade coco and is enriched with Guanokalong Bat Guano. It strikes the perfect balance between aeration and moisture retention, setting the stage for thriving plants. Bat guano's rich nutrient profile, including phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and calcium, ensures robust root systems, sturdy stems, and prolific flowering.

Stocking Tropic Batmix is not just about selling a product; it's about offering your customers the opportunity to achieve extraordinary results. The addition of Batmix to your inventory is a statement of your commitment to their plant growth success.


💰 Retailer's Secret to Success 💰

Stocking Tropic Substrates in your store is a must due to these substrates offering quality, affordability, sustainability, and versatility. They are the solution to your customers' diverse growing needs, whether they're beginners, organic gardeners, or seasoned enthusiasts. Get ready to watch your retail business flourish as you ride the Tropic Storm to gardening greatness! 🌪️🌞🌱


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