Omega Black 720W LED

The Omega Black 720W LED

 The Omega Black 720W LED Light offers several compelling features that make it a suitable choice for indoor plant cultivation. Here are some reasons why you might consider choosing the Omega Black 720W for your horticulture needs:


Powerful Light Output

 With its 720W power capacity, the Omega 720W provides a substantial amount of light intensity, ensuring that your plants receive the optimal level of light required for their growth. This is particularly important for indoor cultivation where natural sunlight might be limited.


Energy Efficiency

 The inclusion of a 600W Black ballast contributes to the energy efficiency of the Omega 720W LED light. This means that it not only provides ample light but also minimises power consumption and operational costs, which is a significant consideration for both hobbyist and commercial growers.


High PPF Output

 The Omega 720W high Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) output of 1950 Umol/s means that it delivers a considerable amount of light energy to your plants. This is crucial for igniting the photosynthetic process, which is the foundation of plant growth.


Impressive Efficacy

 The efficacy rating of 2.7 Umol/j indicates that the Omega 720W LED light efficiently converts electricity into usable light for plants. This efficiency translates into faster growth rates, healthier foliage, and ultimately higher yields.


Tailored Light Spectrum

 The customised light spectrum designed for each growth stage of plants is a significant advantage. Different wavelengths of light are required for different phases of growth, and the Omega 720W spectrum ensures that your plants receive the appropriate light for their current needs.


Soft Start Technology

 The soft start technology enhances the safety and reliability of the LED light. It prevents electrical surges and spikes that can damage the light or overload electrical circuits. This feature contributes to the overall durability of the product.


User-Friendly Controls

 The ability to adjust light intensity and spectrum based on your plants' requirements through a user-friendly control dial is valuable. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different plant types and growth stages.


Durability and Reliability

 The Omega 720W construction from top-grade materials and reliable components adds to its longevity and consistent performance. This is essential for ensuring that your investment in the LED light continues to yield results over time.



 The Omega 720W is designed to cater to a wide range of growers, from beginners to experienced horticulturists and commercial cultivators. Its versatility makes it suitable for various types of indoor gardening setups.


Exceptional Yields

 The combination of all these features contributes to the potential for exceptional yields and healthy plant growth. Whether you're growing plants as a hobby or for commercial purposes, the Omega 720W aims to help you achieve your cultivation goals.



Height: 54.6mm | Length: 1145mm | Width: 1070mm
Pack Quantity: 1 | Box Quantity: 1

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